Black Wolf Photo © Monty Sloan
Kingdom - Animalia (all animals)

Phylum - chordata (animals with notochords)

Subphylum - Vertebrata (animals with a skeleton of bone or cartilage)

Class - Mammalia (Mammals)

subclass - Eutheria (placental mammals)

Order - Carnivora (carnivores. Eg: cats, dogs,bears.)

Family - Canidae (dog family)

Genus - Canis (dogs)

Grey Wolf – Canis Lupis

Red Wolf – Canis Rufus

Domestic Dog – Canis Familiaris. (Some believe the domestic dog is the same as the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus))

Dingo – Canis familiaris dingo

Coyote – Canis latrans

Grey Wolf Photo
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