Study on wolves planned



Study on wolves planned

By Sheena Read, Editor

A University of Alberta student is planning to continue her study on wolves in the area.

Andrea Morehouse, who has just completed her masters and is now working on her PhD in biological sciences,along with Dr. Mark Boyce, professor at the U of A in the same department, met with Municipal District (MD) of Ranchland council May 3 to discuss Morehouse’s plans for her study.

“My PhD is looking for some of the solutions for grizzlies and wolves,” said Morehouse, as a continuation of her past two years of study and collection of data.

Morehouse plans to test some ideas across multiple wolf packs throughout the southwestern corner of the province.

Part of her study will include prevention work, such as deadstock removal and deadstock storage, as well as collaring.

She said that during her study, the Crowsnest Pass pack rarely came across the Oldman River. Other packs, she noted, seemed to like to follow the cattle area ranchers graze in the area.

Coun. Ron Davis noted that elk populations and movement are having a big impact on wolf populations. With more elk moving into areas such as Bob Creek to Highway 22, and using new territories for calving, wolf populations are moving in to follow the elk.

“We never used to see that many elk this time of year on Highway 22. They’re there all the time now,” said Davis.

The wolves use elk for more of their feed source, and when cattle are on the landscape, the wolves use cattle as well.

Boyce said U of A researchers are studying elk movements. The study will be completed in 2013.

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